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Art & Impact 

Creating for a Good Cause

Scribble Cats Studios Art & Impact classes are designed to make a significant difference!

In this unique course participants can focus on creating projects to promote positive change. Not only will it add deeper meaning to the individual artistic projects, but it will also raise awareness and help an important social or environmental cause.

street art activism.png

Participants will be encouraged to work on projects with social or environmental impact. This could be for instance: promoting wildlife rehabilitation, animal welfare, sustainable living, raising awareness for disadvantaged minority groups, climate change and mental health. The participants are free to choose and research a topic they feel genuinely passionate about.


They will learn how to effectively create drawings and illustrations for convincing concept art for booklets, posters, flyers, social media posts, zines or develop storyboards for short comics or animated campaigns.


This class is particularly recommended for students who intend to study or work in a creative field and want to improve their portfolios by adding sophisticated and meaningful work. (16+)

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